Citrus Sea Salt with Pink Peppercorns

Citrus Sea Salt with Pink Peppercorns

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Ingredients: sea salt (84%), lemon peel (4.4%), orange peel, parsley, pink pepper (3.4%), glucose, orange essence, lemon essence, spices

Is there anything better than a fresh hint of lemon and orange with fish, poultry or vegetables? Maybe some salt refined with the piquant, slightly fruity note of pink pepper? Then VIOLAS' has just the thing: Our delicious mixture of delicious coarse sea salt, fine pink peppercorns as well as orange and lemon peels. A particularly tasty combination that will give all your dishes a tasty and fresh taste. It is best to add the salt to your dishes shortly before serving or directly at the table, so that the different notes develop best!

Net Wt: 90g
Origin: Germany

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