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Where has this been all my life!?

Oh my lawd this is SO delicious! Crowd favorite at my house. So so good on anything and everything. The only problem is that I bought too small of a bottle!

Macallan 18

It is comparable to sherry oak Macallan 18 but w a big discount in price. Highly recommended.

Old Fashion Drink

I’m very pleased with the drink. I always thought that an old fashion was a very strong drink but am pleasantly surprised by how easy it is to sip on! Thank you!!

PERFECT Christmas Presents!

My boyfriend and I found this place when we visited SF and thought these would make great gift bags for our friends. The liquor bottles were beautifully written and the packaging to have all 15 bottles shipped to us arrived safely and was tightly secured. There was no leaking, everything was perfect and our friends loved it!! We will definitely be ordering again, but for ourselves next time!

Mix & Match Whiskey Sets: Two Georges Bourbon
George Goff

Im definitely going to visit this store again and check out their roster!


Loved how this deepened the flavor of my pumpkin spice lattes! I recommend adding it to any pumpkin flavored coffee!


Gave my pumpkin spice latte an extra hit of flavor and deepened the pumpkin taste .I really enjoy this flavor!!


Super cool place with great staff and amazing products!

Kathi’s Choice of Stephen’s Choice

The help I got from Rex in my search for every last existing bottle of Stephen’s Choice was over and above! Excellent customer service, Rex. Thank you.

Hunter's Herbal Liqueur
Elizabeth Vezzosi
The best Jager-like liqueur out there!

Love this stuff! Just wish we could get it in the 750 ml size. It always seems to be sold out.
We’ll be back for more!

Cherry Spirit Sampler Set
Douglas Muench
Very Good!

Great after dinner drink!


Awesome flavor!


Well done old fashion, have tried others but this has been the best!!

The best!

We love this Olive Oil, so good on so many things!

Mix & Match Whiskey Sets: Two Georges Cinnamon Whiskey
Peter Gutierrez
2 George’s whiskey

Wow this whiskey has just the right touch so smooth and a nice cinnamon flavor just enough so you really are tasting it . It’s not like fire ball at all that’s way too sweet and over powering . This is just so good . I love this great for making a tasty different kind of Old Fashion for me personally.
So glad I walked into Voss

Love this place!!

Life changing oils vinegar and craft whiskey!!
Slats make a point to stop in when I’m in SF!!!

absolutely LOVED it

I will definately be ordering the oil and vinegar again. wonderful additions to my pantry.


Again the bourbon was a hit a bourbon club

Northern Plains Bourbon

Northern Plains Bourbon is a hit with my bourbon club

Italian Caprese Salt
josie matusek

Great product and great communication from the store!

Mix & Match Whiskey Sets: Two Georges Bourbon
Review of bourbon

I first purchased your American bourbon from a store in Des Moines, Iowa. I understand this has been discontinued. I still have a very small amount left. Only have a sip on very special occasions. I then purchased the Northern bourbon from Minnesota stores. My latest purchased bourbon has been excellent.

Passion Fruit Balsamic Star
Ricky Lane
Who knew balsamic could have so much passion?

I bought a small bottle of this balsamic and it is so good! I love mixing it with olive oil and dipping my bread in it! So yummy!


I tried many different oils before deciding on “my” oil. I finished off my travel size ( got it in Lincoln Square in Chicago) and re-order more with no effort. I do suggest a visit to the store so you can experience many different tastes.
Great idea for I store. I hope it lasts!

Premium Vodka
Jason Bernal
Vodka and whiskey

Found this in LA Love this stuff bought for my dad for Christmas.
Service was great and answered all questions about product

Worth the Price

This is an expensive balsamic vinegar, but it is a luxury that we think is worth the price. The flavor is wonderful and we use it as a basis for a variety of salad dressings. It’s also nice to have a white balsamic to give a variety of dishes a lighter and fresher look.