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2 George’s whiskey

Wow this whiskey has just the right touch so smooth and a nice cinnamon flavor just enough so you really are tasting it . It’s not like fire ball at all that’s way too sweet and over powering . This is just so good . I love this great for making a tasty different kind of Old Fashion for me personally.
So glad I walked into Voss

Love this place!!

Life changing oils vinegar and craft whiskey!!
Slats make a point to stop in when I’m in SF!!!

absolutely LOVED it

I will definately be ordering the oil and vinegar again. wonderful additions to my pantry.


Again the bourbon was a hit a bourbon club

Northern Plains Bourbon

Northern Plains Bourbon is a hit with my bourbon club

Italian Caprese Salt
josie matusek

Great product and great communication from the store!

Review of bourbon

I first purchased your American bourbon from a store in Des Moines, Iowa. I understand this has been discontinued. I still have a very small amount left. Only have a sip on very special occasions. I then purchased the Northern bourbon from Minnesota stores. My latest purchased bourbon has been excellent.

Who knew balsamic could have so much passion?

I bought a small bottle of this balsamic and it is so good! I love mixing it with olive oil and dipping my bread in it! So yummy!


I tried many different oils before deciding on “my” oil. I finished off my travel size ( got it in Lincoln Square in Chicago) and re-order more with no effort. I do suggest a visit to the store so you can experience many different tastes.
Great idea for I store. I hope it lasts!

Premium Vodka
Jason Bernal
Vodka and whiskey

Found this in LA Love this stuff bought for my dad for Christmas.
Service was great and answered all questions about product

Worth the Price

This is an expensive balsamic vinegar, but it is a luxury that we think is worth the price. The flavor is wonderful and we use it as a basis for a variety of salad dressings. It’s also nice to have a white balsamic to give a variety of dishes a lighter and fresher look.

So Good!

I love mixing it with the Chai Vodka for an adult Chai Latte!


Got a bottle while on vacation and loved every drop. Ordered more on line and it was delivered with in two days so I wasn’t long without my new favorite drink. I will definitely be a long time customer. Highly recommend.

It was a gift and they loved it.


Love this! So good on everything!

a personal favorite!

used this to make some interesting things. 2 ounce of whiskey liqueur, half ounce of calamansi, and some hot water makes a great toddy. Also, used calamansi in cevichi, and in poke.

Absinthe Libertine 72
Store Staff (Travis C.)
My Favorite Fairy-Filled Spirit

I'm not really a hard-spirits kinda person, but this has been one of my favorites for quite a while now. If you like black licorice - and I love black licorice - then you'll really like this one. And don't be scared by the 72% abv; this is an incredibly smooth absinthe despite its incredibly high proof. I always get a bottle of this around New Years to share with my friends instead of a sparkling wine.

Albet I Noya "Curious" Xarel-lo
Store Staff (Travis C.)
Summer Wine

A lot of people have never had Xarel-lo outside of a cava and that's a shame, because it's one of my favorite varietals during the summer. Halfway between a Pinto Grigio and a Sauvignon Blanc, you get all of the high acidity and refreshing crispiness you look for in a Grigio, but also the vibrant fruit flavors of pear and apple and pineapple that you want out of a Sauv Blanc. Definitely give this one a try.

Frey Field Blend
Store Staff (Travis C.)
Great All-Purpose Red

Not sure what to bring to the party? Need a red to have on hand? Go with this one. Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Petite Syrah makes it an incredibly versatile wine that can fill a lot of roles.

Maysara "Jamsheed" Pinot Noir
Store Staff (Travis C.)
Fantastic Light Pinot Noir

This is legitimately one of my favorite wines. Its a higher acid Pinot, so the fruit flavors really burst out - cherry, strawberry, and blackberry. The black pepper finish is also really nice. This is my go-to red wine to just keep around the house for dinner or just for an end-of-the-day glass.

7 Pepper Vodka
Rob Treadaway

Bought this specifically to spice up a Bloody Mary and it absolutely did not disppoint!

Sour Cherry with Vodka
Rob Treadaway

Delicious over ice or in a "Cherry Limeade" with fresh lime juice.

Wild Rose Liqueur
Clyde Marney

A birthday gift for my granddaughter who loves wild rose.

Jamaica Rum, 3 year
Ty Villarreal
Jamaican Rum

It is so good and smooth tasting I found myself going back for more.
I may need to hide it from myself under lock and key.

Life changing perfect pair! So amazing!

The white truffle EEVO and the Date infused balsamic vinegar are the most exquisite pairing I’ve ever had! Your life will never be the same after you try these! They are a must have !!