Nutty Pear Salad Set

Nutty Pear Salad Set

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This salad is absolutely beautiful with mixed greens, pears, goat cheese, nuts and our herb raspberry vinaigrette.

Our Herbs de Provence extra virgin olive oil is sure to take your senses on a journey to the lovely countryside of southern France with its fine fragrance of classic Provencal herbs. Bring the tastes and smells of southern France into your kitchen by using this oil to refine pasta, fish, and meat dishes or add a fine spicy note to your grilled dishes.

The intensive and unique taste of forest raspberries has almost been lost in the mists of time - so now it’s time to discover this taste once again! The wild-growing forest raspberries that we use for our Forest Raspberry Balsamic Star are plucked by hand, collected, and then carefully processed. Our Forest Raspberry Balsamic Star is refined with natural forest raspberry juice concentrate - adding a rare aroma and an unforgettable taste experience. Simply a Star!

Set Contains:  2 bottles, 100ml each
Origin:  Italy, Spain

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