The Grill Master Collection

The Grill Master Collection

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This sweet and sour creation is excellent for barbecues sauces, marinades, and Asian cuisines. Fig Chili Balsam is also delicious to refine salads or give fruit and vegetable chutneys an aromatically spicy flavor!

Perfect for barbecue season, the Smoky BBQ Extra Virgin Olive Oil is mixed with the finest flavors of onion, garlic, black pepper, and Hickory smoke. It is excellent for marinating grilled meat and vegetables or for preparing barbecue sauces.

Fig trees are the oldest crop plants to be domesticated by mankind and have always played a major role in our history. vomFASS has created this creamy fig delicacy, our Fig Balsamic Star, to complement a cheese plate or to refine a variety of sauces and cuisines.

Set Contains:  3 bottles, 40ml each
Origin:  Italy, Germany

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